The Jubilee celebrations may be over, but for many beer collectors there are still commemorative bottles to be tracked down.

Jubilee montage

As mentioned before, Mike Peterson, editor of Beer Memorabilia, the newsletter of the Association for British Brewery Collectables, has been keeping tabs on these.

“Our members are keen to collect Jubilee collectables from breweries, including pumpclips, pump lenses, full bottled beers, and labels,” he told me, back in May. “As a result of this, I have been compiling a list of Platinum Jubilee beers for members.”

Now, he has updated his initial list. This should be the definitive guide to 2022 Jubilee beers, which I’m happy to include here. If you know of any more, get in touch with Mike via the ABBC website.

The updated list

AdnamsThank Brew (cask)
AldiFour Jubilee beers in cans
Andwell BrewingPlatinum Reign (bottle)
Arkell’sQueen’s Platinum Jubilee Ale (bottle and cask)
Barsham BreweryPlatinum Pale Ale (cask)
Barsham BrewerySandringham Celebration Pale Ale (bottle)
Barum BreweryJubilee Ale (cask)
BatemansJewel in the Crown (cask)
Beartown BreweryJubearlee (cask)
Ben’s BrewerySend Her Victorious (cask)
Big DropThank Brew
Billericay BreweryGold Sovereign (bottle and cask)
Hoppy and Glorious (bottle and cask)
Platinum Jubilee (bottle and cask)
Blue AnchorJubilee IPA (bottle)
Bowman Ales Jubilicious (bottle and cask)
Bradfield BreweryFarmers Jubilee Ale (cask and bottle)
BrakspearQueen Bee (cask)
Brew 61Don’t Hop Me Now (bottle)
BrewDogCorgi Juice (can)
Brewery 288Jubilee Ale (bottle)
Burton Town BreweryGod save the Queen (bottle)
Cabin BreweryJubilee Platinum Gold (cask)
Camden Town BreweryLiz (bottle)
Castle RockMajesty (cask)
Charnwood BreweryFox and Crown (bottle)
Crafty Monkey BreweryGod Save the Queen (bottle)
Donnington BreweryPlatinum (bottle)
Durham BreweryPlatinum Pale Ale (cask)
Electric BearTreetops (can)
ElgoodsPlatinum Jubilee Ale (for M&S, bottle)
EverardsPlatinum Jubilee (cask)
FelinfoelPlatinum Jubilee Ale (can)
Ferry AlesHoppy and Glorious (bottle and cask)
Flack Manor BreweryHoppy and Glorious (cask)
Flowerpots BreweryPlatinum Pale (cask)
Fuller’sPlatinum Jubilee Ale (cask)
Gilbert White’s BreweryPlatinum Blonde (bottle)
Grainstore Platinum Jubilee (cask and bottle)
Hall & WoodhouseNoble Queen (cask)
Harvey’sJubilee Ale (cask)
Heritage BreweryHPA (cask)
Hog’s Back MajesTEA (cask)
Hook NortonJubilee Ale (bottle)
Holden’sPlatinum Jubilee Ale (cask)
Joseph HoltJubilee Ale (cask)
Platinum Lager (can)
Hop Shed BreweryCorgi (cask)
Isaac Poad BrewingLXX (cask and bottle)
Jolly Sailor BreweryJolly Jubilee (cask)
Leatherbritches BreweryPlatinum English Hopped Pale Ale (cask)
Liberation Brewery1952 (cask)
Long Man BreweryLong Reign Pale Ale (cask)
Mad Cat BreweryCrowning Glory (bottle)
Marston’sCheers Ma’am (cask)
Mauldons BreweryJubilee (bottle)
Mighty Oak BreweryMonarch (cask)
Milestone BreweryPlatinum IPA (bottle)
Moon Gazer BreweryHare Majesty (cask and KeyKeg)
NethergateJubilee Royal (bottle)
Nuttycombe BrewerySovereign (cask)
Old Dairy Brewery Jubilee (bottle)
Old Mill BreweryPlatinum Pride (bottle and cask)
Palmer’s BreweryPlatinum Jubilee Pale Ale (cask and bottle)
Panther BreweryPlatinum Jubilee Pale Ale (cask and bottle)
Piddle BreweryUnion Jack (bottle)
Poppyland BreweryCelebration 70 (cask)
Portobello BreweryJubilee Juice (can) (collaboration with Brentwood Brewery)
Potbelly BreweryPlatinum Blonde (cask)
Powder Monkey BreweryStreet Party (keg and can)
Pumphouse BreweryJubilee (bottle)
Ramsbury BreweryPlatinum Pale (cask)
Rebellion BreweryMonarch (cask)
Robinson’sQueen’s Tipple (bottle)
Roughacre BreweryMajesty (bottle and cask)
Sandford OrchardsDevon Red Cider (bottle)
Shepherd NeameCelebration (cask)
Skinner’sRoyal Wave (cask)
St AustellPlatinum Jubilee Ale (bottle)
Thank Brew (cask)
St Peter’s Jubilee Ale (bottle)
Staffordshire BreweryCorgi Gold (bottle)
Platinum IPA (bottle)
Sovereign Bitter (bottle)
Tarn 51Jubilaeum (cask)
TheakstonRoyal Salute (cask)
Three Tuns Jubeerlation (cask)
Towcester Mill BreweryLondon Porter (bottle and cask)
WadworthJubilee Ale (cask)
Wantsum BreweryJubilee Golden Ale (cask and bottle)
Wensleydale BreweryPlatinum Queen (cask)
Windsor and Eton BreweryCastle Hill Platinum Pale Ale (bottle and can)
Wolf BreweryPlatinum Jubilee Ale (cask)
Wiggly Monkey BrewerySanction Jubilee (bottle)
Wye ValleyMajesty (bottle)
Young’sAll Ale The Queen (cask)

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