Docks Beers has released a new lower strength brew to add to their growing core range of craft beers.

Docks Beers Low Tide

The 3.5% ABV session pale ale, Low Tide, is the lowest ABV beverage yet from the Grimsby brewery and has been brewed deliberately to ease beer drinkers out of Dry January and into February, and to celebrate the brave work of RNLI Cleethorpes.

Sharam Shadam, director of Docks Beers, said: “Our core beers have always been at 4% or higher, and adding something lower seemed timely.

“We know that many of our customers are engaging with lower-strength beers after Christmas and will not necessarily want to rush back to high-strength DIPAs and stouts. At 3.5%, Low Tide is our lowest strength beer yet
and a 330ml can is only 1.2 units.

“We think this is one of our best beers so far, and so we have packaged it in keg, cask, and can. It will be our first new cask ale for over a year.”

Collecting for the RNLI

Head brewer, Mike Richards, added: “This easy-drinking 3.5% session pale ale goes big on flavour while staying light and sessionable. Big doses of Cascade and Ekuanot hops provide juicy flavours of citrus peel and papaya, with a floral undercurrent.

“Low bitterness levels and the use of oats and wheat give a soft mouthfeel and a body that belies the low alcohol level.”

Jack Johnson, the brewery’s digital marketing manager, said the name, Low Tide, was a nod to the brewery’s coastal location, as well as the beer’s low strength.

“And the can design, by local agency SourceFour, reflects this, with a beautiful illustration of Cleethorpes beach at low tide and an RNLI worker looking out to sea.

“As a thank you to the heroic volunteers in the RNLI for their vital lifesaving work in the Humber Estuary, we will be collecting for RNLI Cleethorpes until the end of February. Donation boxes will be in our taproom and in Docks Academy, plus we will be adding ‘donate’ buttons to our social media platforms, encouraging our customers to
support their hard graft!”

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