Totally Natural Solutions (TNS), a UK-based company which creates natural and sustainable hop oils for the brewing industry, is celebrating a successful year of growth. Turnover rose 44% from £2.7m in 2020 to £3.9m in 2021.

Colin Wilson TNS
Colin Wilson, managing director of Totally Natural Solutions

The company, established in 2013 by managing director Colin Wilson, has seen strong growth in its zero-alcohol range, HopZero, which is designed to help brewers create quality alcohol-free products in a sustainable way.

Across the business, sales have grown significantly, as brewers experiment with more efficient brewing methods and engage in discussions around how to use hop oils to increase their business and product offering to overcome ongoing challenges faced by the industry.

In July, the company invested in a new 6,500 sq ft warehouse. The new space is supporting the growth of its patented natural hop extract business and allows for an expanded team to operate from its headquarters in Tonbridge, Kent.

The new warehouse has 500 pallet spaces, supported by investment in stock control systems, and will allow for shorter lead times for its increasing export sales to markets including the USA and Asia.

Strategic appointments

TNS has also significantly expanded its team, with nine new members of staff in 2021, and a further two joining this month. These roles cover various aspects of the business, including sales, sensory, marketing, and the warehouse.

Strategic appointments such as Dr Pedro Oliveira, a seasoned brewing and beverage professional with previous experience working at Kerry Foods and Symrise, who joined as technical director, and Gill Fisher, previously from Campden BRi, who strengthens the understanding of hop applications and sensory within the team, will support future growth.

Throughout 2021, investment has been made in the research and development team, through focused training with KU Leuven University, in Belgium, alongside a further sponsorship of a PhD and post-doctorate study at the University of Nottingham.

Further appointments include Steve Lewis, who joined from Carlsberg and will head up the direct sales team.

TNS is looking to take its turnover to £25m over the next three years. Immediate plans include expanding the team further, with a focus on operations, and securing additional warehouse space.

Championing sustainability

Colin Wilson said: “This year we have seen fantastic growth across the board, which has allowed our internal team to feel a renewed sense of passion and optimism for the years ahead, during a time which was difficult for so many.

“We have brought on some incredible team members, who are fully invested in growing Totally Natural Solutions and have introduced new ways of working to reach existing customers and attract new customers.”

He added: “A big focus over the last year has been on sustainability, and that is something we’ve long been championing within the industry. Using hop oil extracts instead of dried hops is a much more climate friendly way of brewing.

“It also takes up a lot less storage space, helping reduce footprint, and allows for a greater degree of experimentation, which provides brewers with an opportunity to bring new products to market and respond quickly to changing customer demands.”

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