Harvey’s Brewery is celebrating success at this year’s International Beer Challenge, with Low Alcohol Old Ale being named supreme champion.

Harvey's Brewery

Overall, the brewery was awarded three trophies, four gold medals, four silvers, and four bronzes.

Chairman of the judges, Jeff Evans, said of Low Alcohol Old Ale: “The beer is just a delight, with rich malt flavours and a pleasant balance of bitterness and sweetness, with none of the thinness or astringency that often mars beers of this strength.”

The champion beer is produced using a reverse osmosis system that reduces the alcohol content of Sussex Old Ale to less than 0.5%. The original Sussex Old Ale was awarded the trophy for the best ale up to 5% ABV.

With the low-alcohol production plant currently undergoing major maintenance, the brewery was quickly stripped of all stocks of the prize-winning beer. However, it is planned to relaunch the product in 500ml bottles following its success.

Miles Jenner, head brewer and joint managing director of Harvey’s, said: “In a year during which we have had to rationalise and work as a much smaller team, we can barely contain the excitement we feel.

“To be judged supreme champion among so many worthy contenders is simply astonishing. To be named UK brewer of the year during such tempestuous times is a tribute to the entire company. It has fortified us for the challenges we face.”

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