Beer importer Euroboozer has announced a partnership with Brooklyn Brewery to bring in an eclectic selection of the brand’s most-wanted creations.

Brooklyn Stonewall IPA

Ahead of the festive season, Brooklyn’s refreshing Stonewall Inn IPA has just arrived in bottle (330ml), can (440ml), and keg (30 litre) formats.

This is a citrus-forward session IPA (4.5% ABV) with notes of lemon peel and fresh grapefruit zest. The easy drinking, well balanced session IPA is the official beer of The Stonewall Inn, in New York City, and its Stonewall Inn Gives Back initiative. 

Martyn Railton, managing director of Euroboozer, said: “Brooklyn Brewery is one of the true pioneers of the craft beer movement, with a host of iconic beers created by one of the world’s most talented brewers in Garrett Oliver.

“Backed by great people and beautiful values, it’s an absolute honour to be working with the innovative brewery in the coming years to bring some of their most exciting beers to the UK’s discerning craft beer lovers.” 

‘Awesome people’

Create Space, which rolled out in September, is a global initiative that uses Brooklyn’s platforms to amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ activists, who — like those before them at The Stonewall Inn — are continuing the fight for equality, acceptance, and the space for everyone to be who they are. 

Euroboozer will be working with Brooklyn to bring the partnership values to life in the UK. For more information, or to get involved now, visit the Create Space Hub.

Maximilian Smith, of Brooklyn Brewery, said: “We’ve always loved working with Euroboozer over the years, due to their awesome people and passion for craft beer. So, we’re all really excited to be collaborating with them on our specialty beer portfolio, and more importantly putting in the work to help support The Stonewall Inn Gives Back initiative here in the UK.” 

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