Data-led research has named Devon’s Powderkeg Brewery as one of the top ten independent breweries in the UK.

John Jess Magill
Powderkeg founders John and Jess Magill. Photograph: Powderkeg Brewery

The poll was carried out by South West Railways and can be viewed here. It places Powderkeg alongside the likes of Cloudwater, The Kernel, Siren Craft Brew, and Arbor Ales.

Founder and head brewer, John Magill, said: “It’s amazing recognition for the work that the team have put in off the back of a tough couple of years for the industry.”

Having just celebrated its seventh anniversary, Powderkeg has had an award-winning two years. The brewery has collected a World Beer Awards gold, a European Beer Challenge gold, and a 3-Star Great Taste Award.

Powderkeg cans

Head of sales, Dan Poulson, said: “We work so hard and put so much care into the beers we produce. It’s awesome to see that being appreciated, not just by industry experts but by regular drinkers as well.”

“We always try to produce beers that are accessible to everyone. Craft beer can polarise opinions, but Powderkeg beer is all about bringing people together over a pint or two.

“It’s not all about bells and whistles. Supreme quality beer you can enjoy day in day out is still the true essence of craft for us.”

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