The Oakman Group is to maintain table service in its pubs from Monday, in the interest of the health and safety of customers and staff.

Oakman Inns table service
Table service at the Betsey Wynne, Swanbourne. Photograph: Oakman Group

From Monday, people will no longer be legally required to wear face masks or socially distance, but the prime minister has encouraged businesses and individuals to proceed cautiously.

Oakman, which provided the Cabinet Office with advice on pub biosecurity, will retain all its existing covid measures, including screens between tables, hand sanitiser stations, and high-intensity and regular cleaning regimes. Facemasks will not be insisted upon, but Oakman expects customers to respect each other’s space.

Oakman Group’s chief executive, Dermot King, said: “We are fortunate to have space for our customers to make themselves feel at home, whether it’s in a garden, on a terrace, or beside a canal or river. Our pubs are large, and with screens between tables, and our continental-style table service, our customers can be assured that they are in safe hands.

“Our signature cooking method has been based on a combination of charcoal and wood-burning ovens. Our extraction systems and airflows are therefore so much more robust than the majority of other restaurants — however big they may be.”

Managing director, Alex Ford, added: “Our continental-style table service throughout our pubs is a quicker and more relaxed method of being served. We ask that our customers respect others, including our team, and give everyone some space.

“Other than that, very little has changed. Our priority always has been and remains to ensure that our customers get a great service in a great environment delivered by a great team. We’ve got the space to breathe safely again, and we hope you’ll come and share some of your summer with us.”

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