OneCircle, producer of the circular packaging KeyKeg and UniKeg, has increased its presence in the Slovenian market by adding HopSi to its network.


HopSi is a family-owned hop farm, distributing beer ingredients and equipment across Slovenia and internationally. From now, the KeyKeg, UniKeg, and accessories are available in its online HopsiShop.

HopSi has been chosen to become an official reseller of the KeyKeg and UniKeg as it shares OneCircle’s values of sustainability, growth, efficiency and quality.

Located in the Carinthia and Styria regions of Slovenia, right on the sunny side of the Alps, HopSi offers a wide range of products that includes different types of hops, malt, yeasts, equipment, and now also packaging to breweries. Customers are spread throughout Slovenia, Asia, Russia, Australia, and the US.

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