Siemens and packaging machinery manufacturer T Freemantle are toasting a partnership which has developed an innovative range of solutions, specifically for the global craft brewery market.

The collaboration designed and built three systems capable of packing a range of can or bottle sizes and counts, and operating at varying speed.

The machines offer those breweries looking to scale up the opportunity to deliver multi-pack carton board retail packs, as well as meet the increasing demand for more environmentally friendly packaging. T Freemantle clients can also look forward to producing 100% recyclable cans and cardboard packaging, where shrink wrap or plastic rings become redundant. 

Tony Freemantle, managing director of T Freemantle, said: “As craft breweries become more successful, they are looking to scale up. The next step after their own taprooms is to supply retail and get onto the supermarket shelves.

“Traditional packaging machines handle significant volumes, which are completely unnecessary for our customers. Packaging machines available to the sector were not suitable as they were designed for large volumes. The brewery market needed something more bespoke for small to medium volumes.”

Set to go: cans packed up and ready to sell

“Our partnership with Siemens has offered a solution to the industry and helped our business penetrate a new global market.” 

T Freemantle, based in Scunthorpe, has received 20 orders in the last 18 months, from the likes of London Beer Factory, Vocation, Beavertown, Northern Monk, and Thornbridge.

T Freemantle saw a gap in the market and approached its preferred technology supplier, Siemens Digital Industries, to develop these bespoke machines for the craft brewery market. There are 20,000 global brewers, of which 10% are in the UK, making it an excellent springboard for international business development. 

After more than 40 years serving the food, beverage and household goods sectors, the family-owned business is predicting significant growth in the craft brewery sector following the adoption of new technologies to develop the bespoke can and bottle multipack cartoning machines.

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