St Peter’s Brewery has announced that it’s produced 7,000 brews since opening in 1996, a major milestone for the brewery.

The latest brew, which helped it hit the 7000 mark, was Plum Porter, a dark, sweet and full-bodied beer that is enjoyed all over the world.

“This is a huge moment for the brewery and the team, and a very exciting and significant achievement for the brand,” said Hayley Oakes, director at St Peter’s Brewery.

“A lot has changed since we opened in 1996, but we are proud that the quality of our premium, delicious, and traditional beers has stayed the same, and are enjoyed throughout the world.

St Peter’s was founded by branding expert John Murphy, and is housed in former traditional agricultural buildings alongside
the moated St Peter’s Hall, set deep in the picturesque Suffolk countryside.

The winning balance of East Anglian malt, carefully selected hops, and the time honoured skill of the master brewer, continues to create a range of memorable classic English ales, available in a unique oval-shaped bottle. The iconic bottle is based on an 18th century gin bottle from Gibbstown, by the Delaware River, near Philadelphia, and has been used since the brewery opened.

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