The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is looking to crowdfund a book on cider, to be written by a specialist in the field, Gabe Cook.

The book will look at how cider has formed an integral part of the UK’s landscape, with a heritage dating back at least 2,000 years. Today, cider faces a new change in the drinking landscape of Britain — the rise of craft and modern, discerning drinkers with different needs, habits and spending opportunities.  

CAMRA has launched a Kickstarter initiative to crowdfund for the new title, a first for its books division. Cider lovers will be encouraged to pre-order the book for £15 to demonstrate interest in the subject, which will also give them the opportunity to take part in a personal online tasting, and get limited edition T-shirts and signed editions of the new title. 

CAMRA said: “This is a unique opportunity for CAMRA books to gauge interest prior to a book’s publication, which can, in turn, allow us to offer a far wider selection of books in the future and potentially increase our publishing portfolio. 

“It’s a low-risk option for readers as well. If the project goes ahead, they get some great perks included in the price of the title, and if for any reason we are unable to fund the project, all pre-orders will be returned to the investors.”

To get involved, click here.


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