Oculyze Better Brewing has launched a beta web access platform that allows customers to view yeast measurements from any connected device, anywhere in the world.

The app allows the user to generate customised reports, view historical data, track their yeast over time and increase statistical accuracy by creating averages of different measurements.

OculyzeBreweries often encounter costly and time-consuming analysis processes when it comes to managing their yeast. To simplify the brewing fermentation process, German firm Oculyze has developed a system that allows brewers to take control of their yeast analysis and improve the taste and quality of beer, called Better Brewing.

Ocylyze chief technical officer, Uli Tillich, said: “Brewers don’t need expensive lab equipment or skilled scientists to perform their yeast analysis. We have written an algorithm that will do the job for you. Our image recognition
software performs automatic cell concentration and viability analysis for you in one measurement, in less than one minute.

“After speaking with many experts in the field, we saw the need for including budding cell count in addition to
concentration and viability of yeast, all in one step.

The path to the right fermentation process also lies in re-pitching the yeast. It has several advantages when done right. Taste not only often improves after the first use, but, more importantly, it allows brewers to reduce the cost of dry yeast.

An example shows that checking yeast for concentration and viability before re-pitching can save the user between 8 and 13 euros per hectolitre. A smaller brewery that brews around 1,000 hectolitres per year can
save about 8,000 on dry yeast costs, according to Oculyze.

Chief executive, Kilian Moser, said: “We have officially expanded our customer base worldwide, now including the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain and China.

“With the new markets our company is steadily growing and we have increased our team by 50% over the last five months, including experienced image recognition and software development experts, and we have hired both a head of sales and a sales representative.”

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