The number of breweries in London passed 100 during 2018, according to a report by Hoppist, an online retailer of London craft beer.

At the end of October 2018 there were 111 active breweries in the capital, more than 25 more than the same time last year, as well as another 20 pubs and bars with on-site brewing equipment.

hoppistHoppist founder, Michael Millar, said: “The trends of drinkers demanding higher quality beer and seeking ever greater variety show no signs of slowing down, and this is what has enabled smaller breweries in London to thrive.

“All the growth over the last ten years or so has also inspired an ecosystem of supporting services, from mobile canning lines to distribution networks and ingredient and equipment supply chains. This infrastructure has significantly reduced the barriers to getting a new brewery off the ground.”

He added: “London’s insatiable appetite for new beers is driving the success of specialist bottle shops, craft pubs with dozens of beers on tap, and retail services like Hoppist that help people discover craft breweries from all over London.”

Hoppist has produced an interactive map of London’s breweries on its website.

London last had a similar number of breweries in the late 1800s, before a series of mergers eventually led to there being just nine by the end of the 1970s.

London brewers may have bounced back to their Victorian numbers, but have a long way to go to match the reputed 290 active breweries during Dick Whittington’s time as mayor.

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