Birra Antoniana medals

Italian brewer Birra Antoniana has scooped gold, silver and bronze medals at the World Beer Challenge 2017.

The gold medal was for the hoppy and aromatic Birra Antoniana Altinate and Birra Antoniana Pasubio, both inspired by the American brewery tradition but revisited with Italian touch and creativity.

The gold medal went also to Birra Antoniana Ai Tadi, a perfumed wheat blanche, and to Birra Antoniana Marechiaro, one of the last creations of Birrificio Antoniano born in collaboration with AVPN, Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. The AVPN is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 with the aim of promoting and protecting in Italy and worldwide the true Neapolitan pizza. Marechiaro has been included among the approved suppliers by AVPN, as it has been conceived for being the perfect pair with the true Neapolitan pizza.

The silver medals were earned by the strong ale Birra Antoniana Eremitani and Birra Antoniana Portello, two cornerstones of the brewer’s classic range, as well as to two of its Slow Food Presidia beers, namely Birra Antoniana Borgo della Paglia and Birra Antoniana Ponte Molino, both brewed with cereals coming from organic farming.

Finally Birra Antoniana Stile Vienna, the first beer of the brewer’s family, and Birra Antoniana La Torlonga, from Slow Food Presìdia, achieved the bronze medal.