Wadworth is launching a black, rich and creamy premium stout. Corvus, which takes its name from the Latin for Raven, is a smooth stout with a roasted malt body and subtle bitterness.

It also comes at a competitive price, says Wadworth, allowing publicans the opportunity to offer their customers a high quality stout at a lower price.

“It’s a stout with real character and depth, and we believe it offers more in the way of flavour and quality than other well-known stouts that are widely available,” said Wadworth brand manager, Christine Evers.

“What’s more, it comes from Wadworth, which is a brand people know they can rely on. We are a regional brewery with a national reputation which means we can be innovative and individual, like a craft brewer, have the passion and adaptability of a microbrewery, but also have the large-scale infrastructure to provide quantity and consistency.”

With the growth in interest in craft and cask ales, people have proved that they are much happier to try new varieties of beer than they used to be. This has challenged publicans to provide variety, and the success of Wadworth cask stouts, such as the 125, which was brewed to celebrate the 125 anniversary of the business, convinced the team that a kegged stout would be well received. Corvus will be available in 30-litre kegs.

“We have noticed that publicans struggle to maintain the quality of stout in the more widely available 50-litre format and therefore have produced a smaller keg in order that throughput is faster and quality can be maintained for the lifecycle of the keg,” said Christine. “This also means that the product is available at a smaller outlay, and that smaller accounts can purchase the product without fear.” Houses with a higher turnover can buy the beer in 9 gallon kegs.

Head brewer Brian Yorston and his team have developed a beer with a roasted malt body and subtle bitterness. It is smooth and rich with aromas of malt and coffee. Brewed from a blend of roasted barley and toasted malt, a gentle hint of dark chocolate and roasted bitterness is first to caress the palate, says Wadworth, followed by a creamy bittersweet finish.

Brian believes that customers are ready to break away from the mass-produced blandness of the stout sold by the big producers, and to choose an ale with real flavour and the added benefit of a saving in price. “Corvus will remind our  customers what a good stout can really taste like, and people discovering stout for the first time can expect to be blown away with the depth and quality of this ancient, delicious ale.”

Wadworth is so proud of its new stout and so sure that people will like its rich taste, that as part of the drive to introduce customers to Corvus it is offering customers free tasters. The following ten pubs will be stocking the stout during March and anyone can pop in for a free sample. Later in the year the beer will be more widely available across the entire Wadworth estate and free trade.

The pubs are:

  • The Crown, Devizes
  • The Goat & Tricycle, Bournemouth
  • The Red Lion, Lacock
  • The Cleveland Bay, Chandlers Ford
  • The Victoria, Old Marston, Oxford
  • The Linden Tree, Gloucester
  • The Pheasant, Chippenham
  • The Penny Farthing, Bristol
  • The Barge, Seend
  • The Wheelwright Arms, Reading