Tiny Rebel Brewing Co is releasing two ciders and a perry, available at Tiny Rebel bars from tomorrow and for trade and wholesale customers from next week.

Following the success of a first collaboration with Hogan’s Cider, a 5.5% ABV hard cider called Rocksteady launched in March 2014, Tiny Rebel has decided to broaden the range.

Firstly, there is a red cider called Protanopia, named after the form of red / green colour blindness that both Tiny Rebel co-founders Brad and Gazz have. Pressed green apples result in this red-tinted cider, thanks to the oxidation of tannins, with the pumpclip taking the form of an Ishihara Test which is used to detect this form of
colour blindness.

Then, there is a 6% soured cider named after a classic grime track by Dizzee Rascal. Fix Up Look Sharp reflects the brewery’s interest in souring, following on from sour beers Frambuzi, Cherry Bomb and Mojito Sour. Described as “the perfect balance of sweet and sharp, funky and fresh” with the crisp, sweet apple flavours complemented by a sharp tang, it is designed to be refreshing yet different. The sharpness and clean apple flavours are amplified by low temperature and light carbonation, with this cider available in keg only.

Peariscope is a 4.8% medium sweet perry with mildly floral honey notes and a clean juicy finish, described as “easily sinkable, with a deep juicy flavour”. This, along with Protanopia, will be available in 20-litre bag in box format, meaning it will be on cider pumps in pubs shortly.

Fascinating experience

Tiny Rebel co-founder, Bradley Cummings, said: “We’ve always had an interest in cider and partnering with Hogan’s first time round was a fascinating experience. Nearly four years on from our first cider launch, there’s more we’ve learned and more we’ve wanted to try, so we have chosen to release a range of very different products.”

Allen Hogan, of Hogan’s, added: “Hogan’s have been working with Tiny Rebel for nearly four years. We share an enthusiasm for exploring what’s achievable when you use the best ingredients and some talent coupled with brave ingenuity. These two ciders and perry are examples of that endeavour. We hope they deliver for you so you’ll be back for more.”

All three will be available from tomorrow (December 7) at Tiny Rebel’s bars in Cardiff, Newport city centre
and the Rogerstone Brewery Bar.