Coastal Brewery

Cascade (5%)
Lemon peel and pith, mandarin orange and grapefruit notes from the American Cascade hops in this deep golden brew, with bready malt providing balance. Grapefruit dominates on the aroma with a hint of sherbet lemon and caramel. Gentle bitterness builds on the finish. (06-01-2017)

English Garden Gold (6.5%)
As the name suggests, all English hops — East Kent Goldings, WGV, First Gold and Fuggles — in this strongish golden brew. Earthy, slight spicy hops stand up against a big juicy malt background. There’s an estery, yeasty aroma. (25-02-2016)

Fab Four (6%)
The four in question are the Citra, Mosaic, Centennial and Summit hops, making an American style hoppy pale ale. Deep gold with a very slightly off-white head, the beer cries out with resinous hop, but with good malt balance. There’s a nice spicy bitterness there. (24-03-2016)

Faeries Gold (4.2%)
Gold with a white head, there are herbal hops and a hint of berry in there. With light biscuit malt in the background, there’s a lovely depth of flavour. Gentle bitterness on the finish. (31-10-2016)

Fantastic Five (6.3%)
Dry hopped and served from a keg, this golden / light amber brew has the big, resinous hop aroma you would expect. On the palate, it’s super hoppy with herbal, resinous notes and some sweet orange marmalade, with malt playing a good supporting role. Big beer, big taste. (22-08-2016)

Hercules (3.9%)
Named after a hop, this golden beer, with a white head, imparts herb notes — tarragon? — on the palate, along with a big amount of bitterness. The flavour gets more citrussy as it develops into the finish. (30-06-2016)

Kernow Imperial Stout (9%)
Pretty damn black with the faintest tinge of red at the bottom of the glass, this strong brew has a tan coloured head that stays well. The aroma suggests dates, plums and booze-soakedried fruit, with some smoke. On the palate, there’s a delicious cocktail of dried fruit, smoke, treacle toffee and some spiciness, with a nice bitter bite on the finish, which becomes warming. The smooth mouthfeel is quite creamy.

Pier Porter (4.3%)
Almost black with a beige head, the beer retains decent bitterness right through to the end, along with a hint of smokiness. On the palate, there’s roast malt, some coffee, dark chocolate and a bit of raisin. Plenty of flavour going on for a relatively low-ABV porter. (30-06-2016)

Poldark Pride (4.2%)
Light orange citrus notes and a hint of honey in this bright golden, white-headed brew. Gentle bitterness builds on the finish. (03-09-2016)

Poseidon Extra (4.5%)
Deep gold with a white head, this is one of Cornwall’s great session bitters. There are lovely citrus top notes and a satisfying bitterness that dries out well on the finish. Clementine, lemon zest and grapefruit stand out on the hop side of the equation, with a hint of gooseberry, while the balancing malt is light and biscuity. (25-04-2016)

Summer Bloom (4.2%)
Lemon and peach fruit flavours feature in this golden seasonal brew, with a white head. There’s gentle bitterness and some nice freshness on the finish. (29-08-2016)

St Piran’s Porter (6% ABV)
Roast malt with rich-dried, booze-soaked fruit and hints of coffee. There a cough mixture flavours — in a good way — and slight smokiness. A good porter, with a creamy, smooth mouthfeel, with plenty going on. (27-03-2015)