Brunswick Brewery

Black Sabbath (6%)
Black with a red tinge and a cream coloured head, this is a beast of a stout. There are espresso coffee and berry fruit notes, along with a hint of smokiness. Quite a bitter finish for a stout, yet very enjoyable. (08-12-2015)

Railway Porter (4.3%)
More like a mild than a porter, this is, nonetheless, a super beer pouring very deep red, almost black, with an off-white head that disappears quite quickly. There’s roast malt and a hint of smoke on the aroma, with more roast malt coming through on the palate, along with some bitter coffee, nuttiness and a bit more smoke. (31-10-2015)

Rocket (4.7%)
Very clear golden with a white head, this has a note of iced gem sweetness. Bitter citrus notes include pineapple and mango — very new world. Fruity bitterness on the finish. If it has a fault, it’s a bit thin for the ABV. (12-11-2016)