Black Flag Brewery

Chameleon: Mosaic (3.8%)
This session pale ale is hopped with a different variety each brew, this time featuring Mosaic. Very deep golden with a good white head, it is remarkably clear and has a clean apricot aroma. Hoppy on the palate, with stone fruit dominating, there is a bitter, quenching finish. (29-05-2015)

Fang (4.5%)
Poured from a can, it smells like a pine forest instantly. The aroma includes hints of mango and pineapple, which is not unreasonable as it has been hopped with Citra and Mosaic. Hazy golden with a white head, it’s a bit thin in body, but I’d go back and try it again. One of Black Flag’s first cans. (22-08-2016)

Saison (6.1%)
Pale yellow with a white head and lots of carbonation, this is a nice Cornish interpretation of the classic belgian style. Bitter fruit notes verge on sourness, but there’s some good malt balance, with some lemon sherbet notes coming through. Very refreshing. (07-05-2016)

Saison Sorachi (6.1%)
Hop varietal version of the Saison (above), canned, with Sorachi Ace. Smells very fragrant and enticing; slightly tart. On the palate, it’s peppery with pear drops notes, and a hint of acidic bitterness. The Sorachi Ace seems a bit lost in there. (22-08-2016)

White Flag IPA (5.7%)
My favourite of the Black Flag core range. This American-style IPA pours deep yellow with a white head and offers a fantastic aroma of tropical fruits. Lychees and grapefruit enter the fray on the palate and there is a long, satisfying bitter finish. (30-09-2015)