Leuven Beer Month

Visit Flanders has announced two major events which will be of interest to beer lovers, coming up in the next four months.

With so many events taking place around the theme of beer, Leuven Beer Month features some of the best beer festivals in Belgium. Beer tastings and workshops are just some of the activities taking place during this festival, not forgetting beer gastronomy and beer packages too.

Zythos Beer Festival is one of the biggest beer events, but on June 4 and 5 the Leuven Innovation Beer Festival takes place for the third year. The brewer from Hof ten Dormaal, André Janssens will invite a unique selection of top brewers from Belgium and the rest of the world to introduce some delicious brews. Taking place in the former De Hoorn brewery,( where the first Stella Artois was brewed), a range of other activities will be organised with innovation as a central theme.

A new beer festival offering more than just craft beers takes place on August 26 and 27. BXLBeerFest is hoping for an international audience in terms of invited breweries and its visiting public. Beer lovers from around the world will be invited to discover a large selection of Brussels, Belgian and foreign beers (in total, 50 breweries from ten countries), with the premise that beer has no borders