Sally Pickles Bowgie Inn

Sally Pickles of the Bowgie Inn, Cornwall


According to the 2016 Cask Report, 92% of consumers want to know more about different styles of beer available. “This offers a huge opportunity for pubs and breweries,” says Paul Nunny, of Cask Marque.

“They can provide more and better information all year round — and it’s a no-brainer to give added focus in Cask Ale Week. There are so many ways of increasing knowledge and understanding of beer: each brewery and pub can put their own spin on it.

“The key is to properly engage consumers, giving them useful, interesting beer insights, the right experience — and something to talk about.”

Cask Ale Week 2017He said that well-informed, discerning drinkers will return more often and spend more money. The 2015 Cask Report showed that cask drinkers spend more than £950 a year in pubs — significantly more than other drinkers.

To make the most of the week, planning should start now. It’s possible to set some things up at the last minute, but the most successful activities tend to be planned well in advance. Cask Ale Week beer festivals, promotions, menu-matching: all need to be scheduled in and integrated into the marketing plans.

Anyone can be part of it. The platform is provided by Cask Marque, but you don’t need to be a member to join in. You can just use the umbrella of Cask Ale Week to promote your activity round cask-conditioned beer and the pub. Paul said: “All we ask is that your pints are served in excellent condition.”

He pointed out that events and big occasions have increasingly become major drivers of trade, and that Cask Ale Week plays directly into this. “People like reasons to celebrate and feeling part of something bigger that’s going on around them. Whatever the size of your brewery or pub, you can offer them that opportunity.

“Every business involved in the producing, distributing or selling of cask ale has something to gain from Cask Ale Week 2017.”

Cask Ale Week runs from Thursday, September 21, until Sunday, October 1. Logos can be downloaded from