Can Creator

The Can Makers, the trade body representing drinks can manufacturers in the UK, has launched an enhanced version of its Can Creator app for craft drink brands.

For the first time, drink brands and designers wanting to visualise and share their creations in 3D can apply artwork to a label template for virtual application onto a 33cl can. They also have a new option to test their design on a black, as well as a silver can.

Currently celebrating its fourth year, Can Creator was the world’s first free 3D drinks can design app. Thousands of designers, brands, students and manufacturers have used it to bring their print-to-can designs to life across a variety of can sizes, and with a variety of finishes.

Martin Constable, chairman at the Can Makers, said: “Since its launch, Can Creator has proved a popular and powerful tool for brands and designers. With a growing marketplace, the time was right to give the app a facelift and promote the new design options available. The can is the coolest pack for craft drinks right now; coloured cans and labels are playing a significant role in the design strategy for many brands.”

As well as different can sizes, colours and the choice between print-to-can and the new label template, Can Creator gives brands the chance to explore innovative printing techniques, such as heat sensitive thermochromic inks and tactile finishes.

Once designs are complete, they can be rotated and viewed from every angle. Snapshots can also be taken, downloaded and shared easily among collaborators.

Martin said: “We are launching the refreshed Can Creator to coincide with SIBA BeerX, one of the most significant events for craft brewers in the UK. This year, for the first time, the exhibition features a can bar, and cans are being used by an increasing portion of the association’s membership.

“This is just the start of the trend. Because of the huge benefits the can offers — its recyclability and its ability to maintain the integrity of beer for the consumer, keeping it fresh, sealing it from light and air and making it quick to chill — we expect more brewers to embrace the format in the months and years to come.”