Sussex brewer, Bedlam, is celebrating a record year of growth and increased production levels since its debut at Craft Beer Rising in 2015.

Last year saw production volumes increase by 300%, following deals with pub operators Metropolitan and Indigo, along with distribution through experts such as Pigs Ears.

The appointment of head brewer, Fabio Israel, from London Fields last summer, led to Bedlam launching its first kegged offering, in the form of a traditional German-style Pilsner, marking a new chapter for the brewery.

In addition to the Pilsner, Bedlam produces four cask-conditioned beers: an IPA, a golden ale, a sessionable amber ale — named Benchmark — and a robust, complex porter.

Bedlam BreweryMindful of its setting, Bedlam currently generates its energy via solar power, grows its own hops on-site and distributes all its spent grain for free to local farmers as cattle feed.

Managing director, Dominic Worall, said: “We set out to make the kind of beer that people love. Beer brewed properly, full of flavour and provenance, as it should be. We make beer for the people that matter — the drinkers. We are constantly motivated to produce better beer by the public’s insatiable appetite to embrace the smaller, independent craft brewer.

“It’s been a great year for us, but our long-term view is to continue creating readily accessible beers that are sessionable, consistent and of high quality. Trends in beer come and go and we’re less interested in producing mad, high-ABV experimental ‘bandwagon’ brews. We see Bedlam as a choice drinkers can rely on for creating the classics impeccably.”

Head brewer, Fabio Israel, added: “My aim for our beers is to be style-authentic. When they’re brewed well, established styles, like best bitters and Pilsners, are very hard to beat, and they’re beers that drinkers will return to time and time again.

“We’re all about using ingredients that are grown on our own doorstep. Our IPA uses only British hops from a farm in Kent, down the road from the brewery. I’m all about getting the best from the ingredients, giving the malts a chance to become part of the flavour profile, for example. When people drink a pint of Bedlam, they’re experiencing a true taste of southern England.”

Joining Bedlam from London Fields, Fabio, 27, mastered his craft at some of the best breweries in Europe under the tutelage of some of the most respected master brewers in the world.

Initially started as a hobby by a group of friends in 2012, Bedlam found commercial success locally in Sussex and started to expand. In Spring 2015, the brewery secured major investment, which has allowed it to bring its beer to a wider audience.

Over the next 18 months, Bedlam will see production levels increase vastly with the construction of a new state-of-the-art brewery, complete with a tasting facility, an on-site store which will be open to the public along with an online shop.

In addition, Bedlam has undertaken a complete re-branding exercise, revitalising the look and feel of the brand in order to showcase the quality brews it is known for — hand-crafted by a skilled and passionate team, brewed using locally sourced ingredients, fully matured for flavour and consistently premium quality.