The Magic Spells Brewery, in Leyton, London, E10, has become the newest independent craft brewery to launch in the capital.

It has been established by co-directors Jas Hare and Stacey Ayeh, who have long experience in the drinks industry.

Magic Spells BreweryMagic Spells Brewery currently produces three bottled beers: a craft lager, a pale ale (called Hackney Hare) and an IPA.

Jas said of the beers: “They are a gateway between modern craft beer and brewing techniques and the old styles and methods, taking inspiration from classics and adding a modern twist.

“Distinct flavour profiles for all our beers are of paramount importance to us, as well as our attention to detail.

“We like an upfront and bold hoppy flavour, a satisfying bite to the beer, smoothly balanced due to a nice malty body, and warming alcohol.”

The brewery sources most of the malt used in its beers from the UK, with British hops boosted by punchy flavoured hop varieties from New Zealand and America.

Jas added: “We do not cut corners, use the best seasonal ingredients, and there is a heavy ‘hand-crafted’ element to our beer.”