Campaign for Real Ale

The best known of the beer and pub campaigning groups, and by common consent the most successful UK consumer pressure group ever. CAMRA’s original objective, in which it has arguably succeeded, was to bring cask ale — Britain’s national drink — back into pubs during the barren years of the 1970s when the likes of keg Watney’s Red Barrel and Double Diamond dominated the bars, with keg lager also getting a grip on the nation’s drinkers. These days the organisation’s remit includes campaigning against pub closures and bad practices by large pub companies (pubcos) that it considers work against the interests of the drinker and the licensee. More than 160,000 members are spread between over 200 branches, who organise a huge number of beer festivals around the country as well as supporting their local pubs and brewers through regular campaigns such as Mild Month and Community Pubs Month.

Brewers of Europe

Founded in 1958 and based in Brussels, The Brewers of Europe — a not-for-profit European association — is the voice of the European brewing sector to the European institutions and international organisations. Current members are the national brewers’ associations from EU member states, plus Croatia, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

Fair Deal for Your Local

The Fair Deal for Your Local campaign is supporting plans for an adjudicator, code of practice and an option for licensees to pay a market-only rent, freeing them from the burden of having to pay a typical 70% premium on wholesale beer prices. It has organised high-profile events at Westminster, lobbying Government to free landlords from what it sees as the exploitation of pubco licensees by the owners.

Fair Pint

The Fair Pint? Campaign is a coalition of independent, tied landlords, supported by the Freedom for Pubs Association. Together, they aim to remove the tie from all leased pubs, enabling landlords to compete in a fair market. It is calling for the Business Innovation and Skills Select Committee to re-open their inquiry into pub companies  and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills  to refer the tenanted pub sector to the Competition Commission and take legislative action to force pub companies to free up the pub market by allowing pub tenants to choose to buy beer from any supplier.

Justice for Licensees

A campaign group which has the interests of the pub at heart, members being both passionate and compassionate about that unique and wonderful institution that is the Great British Pub. They aim to ensure the pub remains where it belongs, at the heart of each and every community. Despite its name, membership of the group is open and free to all who love the pub and all that it does.


A blog to let readers know about things going on in the pub trade that they might not know about. Stuff everyone who loves pubs should know about. It has nothing to do with any political party or leanings, and everything to do with saving our pubs.

Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wood

The forerunner of  CAMRA when it came to anti-keg beer campaigning, the SPBW still exists, albeit operating at a very low level of 331 members (according to Boak & Bailey —  Brew Britannia, Aurum Press, 2014). These days it is more of a drinking club than a campaigning group, the national executive meeting monthly. It has relaxed its adherence to supporting just beer from the wood, too, although with the trend aong craft brewers to mature beers in wood, their time may come again!

The Campaign for Really Good Beer

A group of likeminded people who believe that good beer and good breweries should be celebrated and supported no matter what their size, shape, or dispense method. The organisation was established in 2011 by Simon Williams, “a beer fan with no vested interest in the business”.