My pick of recommended blogs. Last updated: October 10 2015

Beer Battered: Thoughtfully written and well illustrated essays on beer in the UK and further afield, sometimes with a side serving of food and travel.

Beer, Beats and Bites: Norwich writer and marketer Nate Southwood loves beer and heavy metal.

The Beer in Review: Beer reviews, as well as post about life, travel and food. Usually five reviews a week.

Beer Viking: Freelance journalist whose hobbies are beer and Viking age re-enactment.

Beers I’ve Known: A blogger from Somerset now based in Northern Ireland and writing about the beer scene there.

Beers Manchester: A Manchester-based beer blogger in a “fightback against mediocre beer”.

A Bitter Bloke: “Comment, musings and general nonsense about ales and the pubs they’re served in.” Updated Sundays.

Boak and Bailey: History, tastings, travel in an entertaining, always informative and very popular blog.

Chester Beer Blog: Two Chester residents — one with hospitality experience, the other a journalism graduate — with “a passion for good beer, good food and good company”.

Craft Beer London: Experienced national newspaper journalist Will Hawkes runs this guide of capital brews under the umbrella of Blue Crow Media, which also produces a guide in the form of an app and a map.

Craft Beers and Burgers: A British site focusing on two staples of life.

The Crafty Beeress: Chatty, entertaining beer reviews from a London-based girl about town.

A Crafty One: Reviews and comments from a Manchester-based beer geek.

Craig Heap: A Welsh beer blogger “celebrating the great ales of Wales”.

A Swift One: Notes from Huddersfield, Yorkshire, “arguably the UK’s premier real ale town”.

Ed’s Beer Site: “A site where a man with far too much interest in beer gets to write about it.”

Fiona Beckett: The world of wine and food matching, but occasionally featuring beers too.

Get Beer. Drink Beer: In-depth, well written beer reviews from Justin Mason.

The Half Pint Gentleman: Essex beer blogger and Leyton Orient aficionado.

Hardknott Dave’s Beer and Blog Stuff: The musings of Hardnott Brewery’s Dave Bailey.

Home Brew Answers: A Cornwall-based home brewer, Neil McDonald, offers home brew advice.

Look at Brew: Blogging style and substance by Sussex-based Rach Smith.

Mashtun and Meow: Blogging about the Sheffield Brewing scene, with “occasional cat thrown in”.

Musings of an Elusive Beer Geek: A Hampshire-based beer geek. Actually “not even slightly elusive”.

My World of Beer: News, views and review from Glenn Johnson

Paul Bailey’s Beer Blog: Long-standing CAMRA member and former off-licence owner and home brewer.

The Pub Curmudgeon: “A jaundiced view of life from the darkest recess of the saloon bar.”

Reluctant Scooper: Sometimes serious, sometimes tongue in cheek, always a cracking read.

Stonch’s Beer Blog: A publican and former lawyer who began blogging in 2007.