It’s full steam ahead in Europe for Wiltshire’s Box Steam Brewery, where sales of its award-winning beers are soaring in Lidl outlets across Germany, Belgium and Slovenia.

Box Steam Derail AleThe export deal, originally for 110 pallets of Derail Ale and Funnel Blower, has more than doubled to 250 pallets, on its second order this summer, following an overwhelming response to the beers from the German markets.

An intensely hoppy IPA, Derail Ale is brewed at 5.2% ABV and has refreshing grapefruit notes, a dry finish with a spicy citrus aroma. It has a loyal following and recently took gold in the Taste of the West 2017 Awards.

A beautifully crafted vanilla porter, Funnel Blower (4.5%) has a slight bitterness from roasted barley and chocolate malts, with vanilla overtones.

Andy Roberts, Box Steam Brewery’s managing director, said: “We couldn’t have asked for a better reaction. It’s a new market for us; we’re keen to make big inroads and show beer lovers in Europe that there’s some great brewing being done over here.”

Box Steam Brewery has been supplying Derail Ale and Funnel Blower to Lidl for two years, to stores in the South West of England. The brewery was invited to participate in Lidl’s International Beer Festival and, with a positive response under its belt, an export opportunity became apparent and was developed in spring.

Andy said: “Support from Europe, in such a short space of time, has been fantastic, with consumers reaching out to us via social media to let us know they’re loving the taste of our beer.

“We’ve worked so hard to create quality beers that everyone can enjoy, and now we have a fan club that is spreading further afield. We couldn’t be happier.”