Hop Stuff cans

London’s Hop Stuff Brewery has announced a new range of canned beers, comprising Four Hour Session IPA, Unfiltered Pilsner, APA and Renegade IPA.

As with keg and cask, the Hop Stuff team use top ingredients for quality and flavour, with strict brewing methods to ensure that each can of beer has the same authentic and innovative taste.

While seasonal releases will embrace experimentation and challenge flavour profiles, this range aims to provide an access point for those looking to explore the craft beer world.

Hop Stuff Brewery founder, James Yeomans, said: “Craft beer ought to be for everyone. Our ethos at the brewery is about making great beer that brings anyone and everyone together. Craft beer is about embracing flavour and enjoying the company of others, so we’re hugely proud of a core range that satisfies these ends.

“The range spans flavours and ABVs that should please anyone, from craft connoisseurs to stalwart lager drinkers. We can’t wait for you to try our beers and enjoy them as much as we do!”

Following a fantastic round of crowd funding, Hop Stuff shows no sign of slowing down. The cans have already proved successful, and recently 12,000 were ordered by beer discovery box, Beer 52. They are also available to buy from EeBria