Importer Heathwick is launching a range of three new craft beers, with distinctive packaging, from Fordham Brewery, of Delaware, USA.

Fordham’s artwork for the triple release shows a distinct progression that blends modern art and vibrant on-trend colours. Each beer is a recognisable craft style that defines both the brand and individual flavours.

Fordham new craftFordham Crash Zone is a 7.5% ABV India pale lager, brewed using a unique blend of hops and oak chips to give a complex roasted bitterness. It’s a well-rounded beer for the craft follower, but should also appeal to anyone looking to explore a more complex flavour than their regular choice of lager. Hops comprise Columbus, Citra, Sorachi, Crystal and Mount Hood, and the malts are Munich, Crystal, CaraAmber, CaraFoam and torrified. It works well with spicy food, strong cheese and salads.

Dilated Pupilz (5%) has a distinct hop fragrance on the nose and a subtle yet solid malt background, which finishes with a refreshing floral bitterness. Hops include Bravo, Tradition and Saaz, while the malts comprise CaraFoam and Vienna. It pairs well with burgers, Thai cuisine, fish and tangy cheese.

Completing the line-up is The 11th Sour (3.8%), the first sour batch ever brewed by Fordham. A kettle-sour using lactobacillus and in-house yeast, the beer is aged with black raspberries to produce a sharp flavour that zings on the tastebuds. It can be paired with myriad dishes as it cuts through richer flavours with a natural taste, but is especially good with fruit salads and raspberry cheesecake.

These beers are available in 355ml bottles and 30-litre kegs, the first two immediately, The 11th Sour in May.  As part of the launch, Heathwick will be making available adult colouring beer mats featuring the modern art from the range.

Heathwick general manager, Graham Richardson, said: “The trend towards lagers and lighter styles is growing and we are excited to be launching three hand-crafted, fine examples of America’s brewing creativity from the Fordham brewery.

“The distinctive packaging gives the range excellent shelf stand-out and they lend themselves perfectly to spring and summer sales. The availability of colouring beer mats is a nice addition that will enhance consumer engagement with the brand. The three new releases join our existing range of Fordham beers, which includes Route 1 Session IPA, Gypsy Lager, Ram’s Head IPA and Wisteria Wheat.”