Breweries are being offered an alternative to reusable kegs made from stainless steel and disposable PET plastic kegs.

CoolSystem KEG GmbH, from Franconian Fuerth, and its managing partner, brewmaster Gerd-Albrecht Graf, have developed the patent-pending WorldKeg, a disposable stainless steel keg that combines the advantages of stainless steel kegs with those of a one-way container.

WorldkegThe WorldKeg weighs only 2.3kg despite a stainless steel body and is, therefore, not heavier than a PET plastic keg. The keg is 100% tasteless, light and gas tight, up to 7.5-bar pressure stable and completely recyclable.

The new product, manufactured in Germany, can be filled, with minor modifications, on every conventional keg filling line, without major investment. Tapping is easily done with tapping pressure up to 5 bar by connecting the beer and the gas tube to the patent-pending dispensing head.

Two adaptor pieces, which are, as well as the dispensing head, enclosed to every WorldKeg, allow the tapping of the WorldKeg in any bar without any additional equipment.

The stackable slimline design makes it possible to stack 32 filled 30-litre kegs in two layers on a one-way pallet, so 640 kegs can be shipped in one 20ft container. In addition to the 30l container, WorldKeg will also be available in 20-, 15- and 10-litre sized.

WorldKegs are delivered to the customer steam sterilized and carbon dioxide pre-pressurized with pressures of 1.5 bar. This makes cleaning and sterilization of the container in the keg filling line redundant and hygienic and sterile filling is guaranteed.

The WorldKeg team will present its new product at the drinktec trade fair in Munich, fromĀ September 11 to 15.