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Greg Koch from Stone Brewing Co and the team from Magic Rock have teamed up with the BrewDog guys to create Magic Stone Dog (5% ABV), combining the best qualities of a saison and a pale ale. It's in bottle now • Ayr Brewing Co has created two Scottish referendum themed beers for Ayr pub the Twa Dugs which will be dispensed from two handpumps, one marked 'yes' and the other 'no'. The 'yes' beer is a so-called Independent Pale Ale, while the 'no' is a classic bitter • Lerwick Brewery's 60º North and Skipper's ticket will soon be available in 50-litre steel kegs • Checker Cab is Everards' August special. It's a bright pale golden ale with a straw-yellow hue. "A blend of the finest hops give Checker Cab its distinctive crisp, dry finish with prominent yet delicate hop flavour and aroma," says the brewer
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Events coming this week in London, Canterbury, Morecambe and Ryton

Latest event added: #Craft100 at Craft Beer Co, Clapham, September 18-21
John keeling ( FullersJohn "it is perfectly possible to brew a beer that is popular and good. If one has the desire to do it. Rareness is not a sign of quality"

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