The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has decided to delay any decision made in the wake of its revitalisation project until possibly 2018.

CAMRAIn an e-mail to members, chairman Colin Valentine said that in recent meetings a number of key issues had been raised and the steering committee would now prepare a detail proposalĀ about CAMRA’s future positioning and purpose for delivery to the national executive at the beginning of December.

Mr Valentine said: “My colleagues and I on the national executive, in considering the opinions of the steering committee, believe that it is likely to be necessary to delay the timescale for a final decision by members, originally planned to take place at the members’ weekend in Bournemouth in April next year.

“As the implications of any decision will be far reaching, the national executive believe that it would be prudent to use the 2017 conference for a debate on the proposals and their implications for CAMRA, and to then hold a vote at a general meeting at a later date, either within an extraordinary general meeting or at the 2018 members’ weekend in Coventry.”