Beavertown Brewery and chef and author Richard H Turner will be getting together on June 29 to celebrate the launch of Canned Rations, a collaborative IPA.

Turner and PlantThe inspiration for the beer came about when Richard met Beavertown founder Logan Plant earlier this year. After poring through Richard’s new beef book, Prime, the two fell upon Richard’s recipe for British Army ration pack curry, a bastardised form of Indian cuisine, tailored for delicate British palates.

Coveted by British troops in India, IPA has become nothing short of a British institution, making it the perfect pairing for this fresh take on the British Army curry.

Twisted up with all-natural ingredients, including Citra hops and an array of Indian spices, Canned Rations is a refreshing, crisp beer, perfect for hot summer afternoons.

Complete with Nick Dwyer’s trademark illustrations, Canned Rations will be launched as part of a limited run at Beavertown Brewery on Thursday, June 29.