The Beer Shop, a micropub in Nunhead, South East London, is crowdfunding to expand its beer offering and create a garden area.

Lauren Wallis and Lee Gentry are hoping to raise £20,000 via Crowdfunder by July 29, with rewards from pin badges to one’s own pop-up-bar.

Building work will include the creation of a new cold room and the installation of new keg and cask taps. As well as planting in the outdoor space, an artist will be commissioned to create exterior art.

In their pitch, the couple say: “We understand that one of the attractions of The Beer Shop is its compact, cosy nature, and that’s why we aren’t planning on changing the feel of the main part of the bar; that will remain as is. The changes will happen behind the bar and out the back of the existing space.”

Find out more on the Crowdfunder website