Stancill Shiny Sheff

Tom Gill, managing director of Stancill Brewery, Angela Smith (former MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge) and Spike Mayston, Penistone Armed Forces Day


A Sheffield brewery has teamed up with surviving crew members to mark the 35th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Sheffield by producing a new brew, with proceeds from every pint being used to support war veterans.

The new beer, a 4.0% ABV golden ale named Shiny Sheff, has been developed by Stancill Brewery and has been launched to help raise funds to support Penistone’s Armed Forces Day, one of a number of events taking place throughout the UK on June 24, to support the men and women who make up the armed forces community.

The idea for producing a special beer to remember HMS Sheffield and 20 members of crew who lost their lives on the ship in May 1982 was developed by Royal Navy veteran Spike Mayston, who served aboard HMS Arrow, the first ship on the scene after HMS Sheffield was hit by the Argentinian air force.

During a special weekend event, veterans from HMS Sheffield were given a sneak preview of the new beer and were joined by local dignitaries, including Cllr Anne Murphy, deputy Lord Mayor of Sheffield, and Angela Smith, who until recently, was the member of Parliament for Penistone and Stocksbridge. Angela was accompanied by husband Steve Wilson, who served with the Royal Navy.

Shiny Sheff is an easy-drinking beer, designed to be enjoyed on a summer day and bringing together hints of citrus and floral notes. It is available for a limited period of time.

Thomas Gill, managing director of Stancill Brewery, said: “We were approached by organisers to help them with their preparations for Penistone’s Armed Forces Day and we felt it was fitting to produce a beer to coincide with the event … we decided to donate proceeds from the beer to support Barnsley’s veterans and recognising the sacrifice made by members of the armed forces for their country.


“It was truly humbling to meet some of the crew members who sailed on and survived the attack on HMS Sheffield at the event.

“HMS Sheffield was coined ‘The Shiny Sheff’ because, on all Royal Navy ships, there are brass fittings. On HMS Sheffield, some of these fittings were made from Sheffield stainless steel. Our latest pint, The Shiny Sheff, pays tribute to the Type 42 Destroyer and her crew and a true reflection of the City of Sheffield’s industrial heritage.”

Spike Mayston said: “This year’s Armed Forces Day promises to be a great event and one which we hope will bring together veterans from across Barnsley and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice when serving our country.

“The donations made from the pints of Shiny Sheff sold will be used to raise the funds needed to make this year’s Armed Forces Day, which takes place at Penistone Showground on June 24, a truly memorable event.

“This year’s celebrations are particularly significant because it marks the 35th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Sheffield and was a part of the rescue team who were first on the scene after the attack, which cost 20 crew members their lives. It was moving to see so many people come together to mark the occasion, and the new Shiny Sheff beer made the occasion all the more special.

“On behalf of Penistone Armed Forces, I would once again like to express my sincere thanks to Stancill Brewery for supporting us this year.”

There have been three Royal Navy battleships bearing the name HMS Sheffield. All three vessels featured fixtures and fittings which were produced in the steel city, leading to the Shiny Sheff nickname.

Stancill Shiny Sheff

Survivors from HMS Sheffield (clockwise from left rear): John Galway, Dave Glaseby, Richard Morana and Steve Iacovou