Tristan Hogg, managing director of Pieminister, with Darren James, senior brewer at Bath Ales


Acclaimed pie maker Pieminister has selected Gem — Bath Ales’ flagship beer brand — as a key ingredient for its pies.

The premium amber ale will be used by Pieminister in its celebrated classics: the Moo steak and ale and Kate and Sidney (steak and kidney) pies. It’s also used in the new Mexicow, a hot chilli pie with an oozy layer of West Country Cheddar.

Pieminister has been making great tasting pies in its Bristol kitchens for nearly 15 years and always uses the finest ingredients including free-range British meat.

Its award-winning pies, including the three made using Gem, are available nationwide in selected Waitrose branches and online through Ocado. Pie lovers will also find the Moo in Co-op stores across the UK, or at one of Pieminister’s own restaurants or cafés on the full menu.

Gem is Bath Ales’ most celebrated beer brand. It’s a much-loved premium amber ale, brewed using British malt and hops.

Tristan Hogg, managing director of Pieminister, said: “We’ve always worked hard to source ingredients as close to our kitchens as we can, so we’re delighted to put this locally-brewed beer in our pies. Gem’s hoppy, malty aromas are perfect for slow-cooked beef recipes, giving our pies just the right richness we’re after.”

Darren James, senior brewer at Bath Ales, added: “Gem has established itself as a celebrated beer with a loyal following in the South West and beyond. It’s a flavoursome ale and we’re delighted that it’s been chosen by Pieminister as a key ingredient.

“Like Pieminister, Bath Ales uses only the finest ingredients to passionately create its beers. We only make beer that we’re proud to brew and proud for drinkers to enjoy.”

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