Barney’s Beer, the only brewery operating in central Edinburgh, has teamed up with Edinburgh tea house Eteaket and artists Stewart Armstrong and Ryoko Tamura on its new beer set.

Barney's Mount FujiThe collaboration with Eteaket has led to a new 4% AVC pale ale, Mount Fuji. Green tea and jasmine have been infused into the beer to create something fresh and interesting. This is the second collaboration between Barney’s and Eteaket. In 2013 the two worked together to create a Lapsang Souchong-infused porter, and also a beer-flavoured-tea.

Sorachi Ace is Mount Fuji’s big sister beer, a Sorachi Ace hopped version of the best-selling Volcano IPA. The Japanese hops dish out a spicy, lemongrass and coconut aroma and flavour.

Glory Days, originally an exclusive for Edinburgh’s historic real-ale pub The Blue Blazer, is now on general release. The addition of wheat into the mash makes this an extra light and smooth IPA.

The 6% ABV sour mash base beer Cosmic Ripple has the addition of tart raspberries and rye grain, bringing a layer of spiciness — a alternative winter brew.

Barney’s two Pitt Beers are now on wide release, brewed especially for cult street food hit Pitt Street Market, open every Saturday from noon until 10pm. Barney’s is one of the Pitt Street originals, now with a permanent Barney’s bar. Every week since the market’s inception, Barney’s has been on tap, alongside the most recognisable and delicious street food vendors on the Edinburgh scene.

Based at Edinburgh’s bustling hub of arts and creativity, Summerhall, Barney’s has always had strong visuals and artistry as a core part of its ethos, and this is no different on the new beers, where it has worked with two Summerhall artists.

A new, sleeker label and logo redesign from graphic design partner Stewart Armstrong graces all bottles, continuing the neighbourly partnership. Stewart is a prolific designer, working across local, national and international projects.

Ryoko Tamura, of Ninja Illustration, has designed the labels for Mount Fuji and Sorachi Ace in her signature tongue-in-cheek style, influenced by her Japanese background.

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