Ales Tales

Ales Tales, a new kind of festival celebrating Belgian beers in London, is set to launch this July with 20 Belgian craft brewers represented.

The event, at London’s Oval Space on July 21 and 22, is being curated by Ales Tales founders and Belgian ex-pats, Nicolas Tondeur and Sayuri Kasajima.

Belgian brewers and British professionals will have the opportunity to meet during a dedicated Friday afternoon trade session, while the three other sessions will be public, welcoming all beer lovers.

Manning the taps will be Belgo Sapiens, Mr Rock, Brasserie Lupulus, de Glazen Toren and Fort Lapin, with each brewery bringing a selection of their finest beers from across the channel.

The renowned Brasserie De La Senne will showcase their Brusseleir, Zinnebir, Taras Boulba and Bruxellensis, while Hof Ten Dormaal, famed for using mixed fermentation with sour fruits, will bring four of their best beers.

Other breweries will include Brasserie de Bastogne, who use a signature open-tank fermentation process providing a complex flavour to their beers and who harness wood spices across five of the beers that will be on show.

For a single entry fee, guests will receive a tasting glass and enjoy unlimited tastings of a carefully selected range of beers.

As well as authentic Belgian craft beers, presented by the brewers themselves, there will be Belgian food specialities and a Belgian music playlist.

To find out more about the event, book early bird tickets, and discover the sponsorship packages available, visit the Ales Tales website